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What Are the Top 10 Classic Nintendo Games?

Which gems from the 8-Bit era have stood the test of time?

PJ Lifestyle Pop Culture Debates!


June 2, 2014 - 3:30 pm

In partnership with the new fiction publishing platform Liberty Island, PJ Lifestyle is going to begin promoting and co-hosting a series of debates and discussions about popular culture. The goal is to figure out what works and what doesn’t so that in the future we can promote and create better fiction and culture of our own. These are public brainstorming sessions for writers and culture advocates interested in developing a more vibrant popular culture. You’re invited to submit your answers to any of these questions — or a related one of your own! — that interests you:

A) in the comments

B) Via email to PJ Lifestyle editor Dave Swindle.

C) at your blog, then let us know in the comments or via email. 

The most interesting answers may be linked, cross-posted, or published at PJ Lifestyle.

Also check out from last week’s discussion about adaptations: Monday’s question “Which Science Fiction Novels Should Be Made into Films and TV Miniseries?,” Tuesday’s question “Lord of the Rings Vs. Harry Potter: Which Film Series Better Captured their Books’ Spirit?,”  Wednesday’s question “What Are the 10 Most Disastrous Comic Book Adaptations?“, Thursday’s question “Is It Better To Adapt Books as Netflix Shows and TV Mini-Series Instead of Films?,” Friday “Which Video Games Should Be Adapted Into Films or TV Shows?“ 

See the previous weeks’ writing prompts and email in your thoughts on any questions that strike your fancy: 5 Questions So We Can Figure Out the Cream of the Crop In Popular Music Genres5 Geek Questions To Provoke Debates About the Future of Sci-Fi and Fantasy5 Controversial Questions To Inspire Spirited Debates About Music.

If you were trapped on a desert island and could have only a handful of titles to keep you occupied, what would you choose?

Jeremac: Five Video Games You Loved as a Kid But Will Hate If You’re Dumb Enough to Play As an Adult

Dave Swindle: Why I Stopped Playing Video Games

Jon Bishop: Dr. Mario. Literally.

PJ Lifestyle Humor: Super Mario In Post-It Note Form Running Around the Room

This week’s pop culture debates look at the past, present and future of video games. What questions do you want to debate? Please send your suggestions.

PJ Lifestyle Pop Culture Debates Features a new prompt each weekday to weigh the good, the bad, the overrated, the unbelievable, and the amazing throughout the worlds of books, film, and TV. We can't figure out how to build a greater pop culture until we dissect the mess we already have. Want to contribute your perspective to the debate? Email PJ Lifestyle editor Dave Swindle with your take: DaveSwindlePJM [@] Image via shutterstock/ DarkGeometryStudios

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All Comments   (5)
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For this listing, I think I'll lump certain series together; also these are in no particular order, as my favorites keep shifting from time to time.

1. Blaster Master
2. Bionic Commando
3. Ninja Gaiden (all 3 games)
4. Megaman (all 6 games)
5. Bubble Bobble
6. Gauntlet
7. Bucky O'Hare
8. Disney Games (Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, and Rescue Rangers)
9. Double Dragon (all 3 games)
10. Zelda (both games)

And yes, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out and River City Ransom were pretty awesome too, though the luster of the former is beginning to fade along with Mike himself, and the latter was more like a cult hit; took a while to find its fans. I'd give them both honorable mentions, though.

(In fact, did you know River City Ransom was only one localized game from a whole family of Rikki/Kunio games from Japan? Very few of them ever made their way over here in any form, but thanks to the internet and fan translators, they've got a small but very dedicated fan base. Little squashy cartoon guys beating the crap out of each other in various settings makes for great entertainment, especially since a number of those games had options allowing for two or even four player simultaneous play!)
38 weeks ago
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Forgot Bubble Bobble. Fantastic.
38 weeks ago
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Excellent choices! Bubble Bobble really brings back the memories...
38 weeks ago
38 weeks ago Link To Comment
Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior 1 and 3(2 was OK and I don't remember 4 although I hear its great), Mega Man 2, Legend of Zelda, Mario 3, Kid Icarus, Mike Tysons Punchout, Kirby, River City Ransom and Tecmo Superbowl.
38 weeks ago
38 weeks ago Link To Comment
Lunar Lander run on a PDP-11/45.
38 weeks ago
38 weeks ago Link To Comment
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