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The Best Cartoon Made to Inspire Victory in World War II

"Reason and Emotion," released in 1943, contains a powerful message too many in generations since neglected to learn.

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May 26, 2014 - 12:00 pm

How can conservatives conquer Hollywood? PJ Lifestyle editor Dave Swindle argued in March 2014 that it was through studying how technological changes transformed the culture in the age of classic Hollywood. In this ongoing series mid-day Monday-Friday at PJ Lifestyle he highlights animated short films from the 1920s, '30s and 1940s, beginning with an emphasis on Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies. What are some of your favorite cartoons of the era? Please leave URLs in the comments of shorts you'd like to see featured in the future. Image illustration courtesy shutterstock / Ismagilov.

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I was always partial to Warner Bros. "Russian Rhapsody". Hitler is so enraged by the ineffectiveness of the Luftwaffe against the Russians that he sends the greatest Nazi of them all to bomb them -- that is, Hitler himself. As he is flying over Russia, he and his plane are attacked by miniature gremlins, who do all of their dirty work while joyfully singing "We're gremlins from the Kremlin" to a jazzed-up arrangement of "The Volga Boatman."

Another Bob Clampett masterpiece. When Der Fuehrer finally sees a gremlin committing mayhem, he gets down, eyeballs the little monster, and exclaims, "Ach!!!! Ein Gremlin from ze Kremlin!"

The gremlin responds, "Well, it ain't Wendell Wilkie!!" and gives Hitler a big juicy smooch.
17 weeks ago
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I get what it's talking about. I suspect that "Reason" in this case included, or perhaps even assumed, something akin to ethics and morality. However, the Nazi monstrosity used plenty of reason, divorced from ethics and with a twisted morality (saving the Fatherland from treacherous Jews!)...rather akin to those who proclaim abortion to be necessary to avoid the heartache of infant mortality. Say what?
17 weeks ago
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"However, the Nazi monstrosity used plenty of reason, "

You haven't a clue what you're blabbering about. I suspect whatever dolt you're channeling is just as loony-tunes.

Here's a hint: the Nazis were profoundly ANTI-reason and if you'd read any of the work of their philosophers, you'd see that plain as day.

17 weeks ago
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Explain, please.
17 weeks ago
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They sprang from the Romantics crossed with Rousseau, seasoned with Nietzsche. Will alone could conquer all, Blood and Soil emotionalism.

I wouldn't say they were anti-reason entirely, but they certainly weren't going to let reason stand in the face of the Volk.
16 weeks ago
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