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11 Facts That Destroy JFK Conspiracy Theories, Part Two

Developing the Secret Ink: Did Lee Harvey Oswald meet with spies during his years in the Soviet Union? Here's the evidence.

Ion Mihai Pacepa


November 20, 2013 - 10:03 am
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Executive order 11110 is what I think got JFK murdered. Now, with his brother, and MLK murdered as well, we are on the final leg of the New Age agenda.
36 weeks ago
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The disinformation continues, pointing "over there", i.e. the USSR communists, instead of "over here", i.e. the American progressives. Time Magazine, January 1, 1965 - "Man Of The Year: Lyndon B. Johnson, The Prudent Progressive"

Progressivism did not just appear on the scene one day in the early 1900's. Like any movement, it's philosophy evolved and coalesced over a span of time before it became a political movement. So I think it is safe to say that the progressive thought process was alive and well far before Woodrow Wilson's time.

Three out of four of those assassinations definitely led to a progressive occupying the Oval Office and the one which is questionable may have, although it appears Chester Arthur may have let the progressives down once assuming office.

1. Abraham Lincoln->Andrew Johnson April 15, 1865. See Andrew Johnson and reconstruction after the civil war which is claimed by some to be the beginning of modern progressivism in America.

2. James A. Garfield->Chester Arthur September 19, 1881. Arthur's mentor was Roscoe Conkling. Was Roscoe Conkling another George Soros? Roscoe Conkling also supported James Gillespie Blaine who promoted the "separation of church and state" (as it is being used today) amendments to state constitutions when he failed to have it on a national basis via Constitutional Amendment. Blaine was also an early environmentalist. Blaine failed to be nominated for the presidential election of 1880 which nominated Garfield. Blaine was nominated to run for president in 1884 after Garfield was killed but failed to win the election. Blaine supported the idea that blacks be counted in apportioning House of Representative seats at the same time denying them the right to vote. Also see Charles J. Guiteau (the assassin) and the Oneida Society.

3. William McKinley->Theodore Roosevelt September 14, 1901. Progressive. In 1912 he ran for President on a Progressive ticket.

4. John F. Kennedy->Lyndon B. Johnson November 22, 1963. Time Magazine: "1964 Man Of The Year: Lyndon B. Johnson, The Prudent Progressive"
36 weeks ago
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LHO was a CIA/FBI asset placed at the TSBD to be a patsy. Visit Veterans Today and review the series of articles on the JFK coup d'etat. There were nine shots fired from six positions. JFK had just fired CIA head Allen Dulles, and intended to fire JCS head Gen Curtis Lemay and FBI head J Edgar Hoover. If the shadow government was telling the Truth, there would be no need for massive JFK evidence to be "classified" fifty years later.
36 weeks ago
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Dulles was fired over two years prior. That is not "just fired".
36 weeks ago
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Dulles' brother was a member of the Warren Commission, FWIW --
35 weeks ago
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