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Juan Williams Suggests Buying Off Republicans with Campaign Donations to End Stalemate

Williams: "Business community needs to reassert itself inside the Republican Party."

Paula Bolyard


October 14, 2013 - 11:37 am
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Yesterday, on Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams said he thinks he knows how to end the ongoing gridlock over the partial shutdown of the federal government and the debt ceiling. Williams said the business community should get involved, suggesting that strategic campaign donations could persuade moderate Republicans — like Susan Collins and John Boehner — to “be reasonable.”

Republicans are imploding and what they have — and I think is really key — it’s not just the markets, it’s the business community that needs to reassert itself inside the Republican Party, so that people like Susan Collins, people even like potentially John Boehner, could see that there’s some political powers from money that comes forth to Republican moderates in this fight and that people want him to be reasonable and not simply listen to the far right wing that right now is dominating the Republican Party and driving them over the cliff [emphasis added].

So has Williams finally seen the light on the 1st Amendment? Because just a few months ago he was blaming the Supreme Court — and the Citizens United decision — for the IRS targeting of conservative groups. He complained that the court’s decision unleashed unlimited “dark money” contributions to influence elections:

The calculating, big money players have long wanted to keep their donations secret. Citizens United allowed them to give all the money they wanted without having their names attached to it. … They don’t want to deal with the public fall-out of being seen as a puppet master pulling the strings of the politician they helped elect with their contributions. They don’t want to be seen as supporting corporate welfare or the gutting of labor and environmental regulations or any other unpopular causes that will line their corporate coffers.

Are we to believe that Williams now wants corporate “puppet masters” to pull some strings with “dark money” donations to keep the “far right wing” from driving the Republican Party over the cliff — out of the goodness of his heart?

Why, the man is a veritable Karl Rove — get him a white board!

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All Comments   (21)
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37 weeks ago
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47 weeks ago
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"....suggesting that strategic campaign donations could persuade moderate Republicans — like Susan Collins and John Boehner — to “be reasonable.”
Anyone who suggests "buying off" someone rather than convincing them is a worthless POS.
48 weeks ago
48 weeks ago Link To Comment
Class group here. Can't leave it to 'Juan is wrong' or 'I disagree with Juan'- nope, can't do that
48 weeks ago
48 weeks ago Link To Comment
Juan Williams is nothing more than a 'tool' for the democrat/statist positions. I suggest Fox News dump his arse - just like PBS did. Once in a great while PBS 'gets it right'. I find his prattling to be no different than if Obuzzo were sitting there talking. I used to like watching Special Report with Brett Bair but since Juan has become a 'regular' on the 'panel' I've stopped watching daily. When Juan is gone I'll watch.

With Juan its the same opinion as Obuzzo's daily talking points. Is there *ever* any disagreements with Obuzzo/democrats, Juan? EVER? At least Kirsten Powers has the intellectual honesty to disagree with Obuzzo/democrats - and often of late. Juan is simply a gas-bag and presenter of democrat positions & talking points with no intellectual honesty whatever. Dr. Krauthammer has dressed him down more than a few times for his totally partisan and indefensible/moronic positions - Juan is quick to shut up when that happens.

I find I agree with Juan about as often as I visit large cities - almost never.

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48 weeks ago
48 weeks ago Link To Comment
Yeah right, rely on "buying off" Republicans to stave off the non-default. It would be a lot easier than trying to "buy off" the president because EVERYONE knows there isn't a cure for stupid. Juan, you are a fool - we are not. Just because you work for Fox, you make an occasional "head fake" toward the center. We all KNOW you are a true believer at heart.
48 weeks ago
48 weeks ago Link To Comment
I always find myself wondering why these leftists like Juan Williams always have advice for the Republican Party and why they never see any problems that need to be addressed in their own beloved Democrat party.
48 weeks ago
48 weeks ago Link To Comment
I believe the phrase of choice from the commentariat on the left is "plantation Tom," which seems to apply in the case of Mr. Williams--no more so than during this decade.

Through his phraseology, vocal intonation, and 'reasonableness' as a non-threatening black for the liberal folks, how can the left possibly be racist with this man on their side? And occasionally he'll say things that are not completely leftist so they even get the opportunity to disagree in a polite way and burnish his left-moderate creds....

Of course, there was that unfortunate 'incident' on NPR that has given him the opportunity to further align the moderate-left values to moderate conservatives (aka northeast Republicans) on Fox News, uh? And a quick peak behind the hypocrisy of NPR, as well...he's had quite the career.

So the idea that 'pay for play' is tossed on the table by Mr. Williams is nothing more or less than a leftist standard. If one is not actually corrupt or demanding donations to get legislation or regulations created that will pick a winner, the capability for projection is a canard that a leftist must play.

And so it's played. And the business community has no problem picking it up and running with it...let's pop the corn and sit back and watch which Republicans pick up the stinky cheese.
48 weeks ago
48 weeks ago Link To Comment
Williams is certainly not a Conservative. He is a racist collectivist and his drivel must be evaluated,(if one cares what he drivels), in that ldarkness. He wants our beloved Gophers to become demonrats= to come out of the political closet and declare their perversion openly. Then he can celebrate the forthcoming nuptials of McCain and Graham, both of whom should be arrested for false personation of a Republican.Our politico-economic milieu is populated with psychopaths and perverts, obama the outstanding example; the prototype of the criminally insane megalomaniac. The horrifying fact is that almost no one understands that one who advocates genocidal abortion, endorses homosexual perversion and concocts unconstitutional schemes is a dangerous nutcase, and needs to be institutionalized. Perhaps that is because the majority of our electorate also qualify as amoral, ie, as criminal mentalities?
48 weeks ago
48 weeks ago Link To Comment
Juan Williams showed signs of coming out of his intellectual torpor a couple of years ago. But, these days, he's back to that little sidelong smirk and upchucking democrat talking points.

Must have stopped taking the ginko biloba.
48 weeks ago
48 weeks ago Link To Comment
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