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Meet Matt Graber, Your New Leftwing Heartthrob!

Move over, Che: There's a new progressive poster boy in town!

Kathy Shaidle


September 4, 2013 - 8:25 am

Matt Graber: Sensitive Man

A friend sent me a link this morning, with the subject line:

A white Guy in a Keffiyeh places a thinly disguised personal ad in a feminist blog

I’m in a rare generous mood, so I feel compelled to share Matt Graber’s stirring manifesto — is that word “sexist”? — at The Feminist Wire:

Please don’t call me “man” or “dude” any longer. I will not join you in friendship or partnership on a male-supremacist, patriarchal project. I will not condone the view that women are born to provide you with sexual gratification, and to do care work for you.

I will not be your wingman. I will not support your objectification of women’s bodies. Women are not accessories to you, regardless of how much money you have. In social settings such as parties, bars, or clubs, I will not accompany you when you violate the personal space of others. When they refuse to allow you to enter into their personal space, I will not ease or comfort you.

Brace yourselves: There’s more.

But then the comments from the blog’s primary readers — women — take it to the next level of epic.

They aren’t impressed by Matt “Don’t Call Me Dude!” Graber’s epic beta male white-knighting.

Uh oh.

One sample:

This is really cheap, unevolved feminism looking for cookies.

Poor Matt. He must be very confused by this reaction.

He just wants to violate a little personal space be loved and understood and appreciated.

Now, I know we’re all sick of the #NotTheOnion hashtag, but this op-ed really seems to be… real.

Unless a sarcastic guy (or even a very clever woman) wrote this pitch-perfect parody of campus-speak circa 1994, then arranged for the ideal “Che!” headshot to go with it, and got it all accepted as legit by the gatekeepers at The Feminist Wire.

In which case, I salute you, Sir/Madam.

For the rest of us: Palette cleanser, stat!

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(KATHY SHAIDLE is a blogging pioneer who runs FiveFeetOfFury, now in its 14th year. She's been called "one of the great virtuoso polemicists of our time," by MARK STEYN. Her NEW book is Confessions of A Failed Slut (Thought Catalog, 2014).

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All Comments   (18)
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wow after reading this fruitloops article on the feminazi blog, i can honestly say that i finally met a 6 foot tall terrorist supporting vagina. i know full on drag queens more manly than this dude
45 weeks ago
45 weeks ago Link To Comment
Now we have PJM banning the mention of man on man 2am hookup satire.

It's as if certain symbolic acts of love cannot be processed. Let's see, submit your comment proposals to PJM's "Ask the Imam if These Ideas are OK" column.

That with Shaile's gig being satire. Maybe if it was girl on girl, and Madonna and Gaga were involved, the Imam would approve. But a "pretty" man?

Oh well, go figure. Knock this one off too.

Yeah, Facebook won't allow it either.
46 weeks ago
46 weeks ago Link To Comment
We can call him Betty.
46 weeks ago
46 weeks ago Link To Comment
I know him! He's Richard Gobbler!
46 weeks ago
46 weeks ago Link To Comment
Some clod-puller named Jim Hines, who must be the stupidest person in the science fiction community, started a hashtag today called #DiversityInSFF. You have to read those Tweets to believe them. I guess SF is too white.
46 weeks ago
46 weeks ago Link To Comment
I love Kathy Shaidle's work, but I find the borderline pornographic ads disgusting.

Call me a prude, I don't care. I would have expected better from PJ Media.

46 weeks ago
46 weeks ago Link To Comment
Well he looks like a young Charles Manson to me and we all know how that turned out, don't we boys and girls? Give him a wide berth OR get him prone with your knee in the small of his back and throttle him with his own dishcloth. The choice is yours.
46 weeks ago
46 weeks ago Link To Comment
I can make no sense out of his post or your analysis. Some crazy needs to be just left alone.
46 weeks ago
46 weeks ago Link To Comment
My first thought is that this wuss is a troll, and just posting that to get some kind of reaction. It reads like he threw together a few feminist buzzwords to create a generic antimasculine essay, and searched google for a "sensitive man" stock photo.

My second thought is that he is another Hugo Schwyzer.

But then again, there are people out there who actually do think this way. Thats the scary part.
46 weeks ago
46 weeks ago Link To Comment
Nobody can replace Che unless they too shoot political prisoners in the head. They have to be tied up, too, otherwise it doesn't count. Leftists only respect murderers, never warriors.
46 weeks ago
46 weeks ago Link To Comment
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