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The Society of St. Pius X and Antisemitism

How "good" people compartmentalize evil.

Jeanette Pryor


January 13, 2013 - 7:00 am
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Cults: The Mind Enslaved, Part V

Since November 6, 2012, I’ve joined many friends who just don’t watch the news anymore. It seems the country is doing just fine without my frenzied attention to politics and that even in my absence, Drudge reached the billion-hit mark, though I could have sworn I made up half his tally!

Becoming a “news-hermit” was inspired by Roger L. Simon referencing Andrew Breitbart: “Politics is downstream from the culture.” Contributions to healing America need to be cultural: authentic spirituality and more caring dedication to family.

After two months of the Internet Media Diet, I doubled the marinara splashes on my copy of Jasper’s Kitchen Cookbook, whose recipes and philosophy are a prescription for what America really needs. I also managed to scribble the first 90,000 words of an old-fashioned romance novel, my intended stake-in-the-heart to pop-culture’s obsession with contrived love-triangles, the sex appeal of paranormal lovers in varying states of post-burial-decay, and the loss of faith in unique, everlasting devotion.

Yesterday, I was jolted from this peaceful stint as “Vampire-Book-Slayer” by a very disturbing email. All levity aside, the Ghost of Sophie Scholl shook me from slumber and I questioned whether one can always, in good conscience, abandon the social realm.

The Catholic Herald UK reports that Bishop Fellay, superior general of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), the largest group of “Traditional Catholics,” hosted a conference in Canada on December 12, 2012. The paper observed:

The head of the traditionalist Society of St Pius X has called Jewish people “enemies of the Church”, saying Jewish leaders’ support of the Second Vatican Council “shows that Vatican II is their thing, not the Church’s”.

Bishop Bernard Fellay, the society’s superior general, said those most opposed to Rome granting canonical recognition to the SSPX have been “the enemies of the Church: the Jews, the Masons, the modernists”.

He said these people, “who are outside of the Church, who over centuries have been enemies of the Church”, urged the Vatican to compel the SSPX to accept Vatican II

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Your readers to learn about Münchausen by Internet{1}. It is a pattern of behavior in which Internet users seek attention by feigning disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention or sympathy to themselves.
Please read the article and consider the following:
The SSPX is not a cult, nor is it anti-Semitic. Read Marcia Rudin’s “Too Good to be True: Resisting Cults and Psychological Manipulation”. Here is an excerpt
Groups That Aren’t Cults
• are not deceptive; tell people what life in the group will be like; tell the real name of the group and its leadership.
• allow people time to think over their commitments to it carefully.
• respect the individual’s autonomy and independence.
• respond to critics respectfully.
• respect the family and one’s commitment to it.
• have built-in controls to watch over their leader(s), so behavior and abuses can be monitored and corrected.
Jeanette misleads the readership to believe that lay persons are members of the SSPX, it is a fraternity of priests, with supporting orders of sisters and monks (brothers, whatever you want to call them). Lay persons may attend mass and receive sacraments from the SSPX priests, but there are no memberships. I believe she was only a nun for 8 short years. So saying she was in this organization for 30 years is either an outright lie or accidentally misleading others. Was she allowed to think over her commitment? Frankly I never heard of anyone but her spending 8 years to decide whether or not to take their final vows as a nun. Her autonomy and independence were respected, she left the convent and chose her own life. No SSPX priest would ever interfere with someone’s family. Did they watch over their leader’s behavior? Yes, Bp. Williamson was corrected numerous times before finally being publicly expelled from the order several months before this article was published, another case of blatantly misleading the readers.
The SSPX is not a cult and the removal of Bp. Williamson, shows they are clearly not Anti-Semitic.
I commented much more previously and am disappointed all comments were deleted in the new system.

Try hard read this article with a discerning eye, don’t just blindly believe anything you read on the internet.
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