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Ed Driscoll

We Had to Pass the Treaty to Find Out What Was In It

November 25th, 2013 - 11:49 am

“Multiple news outlets held off on reporting the news of secret talks between the United States and Iran,” according to the Huffington Post:

Paul Colford, director of media relations for the AP, told The Huffington Post that the wire service had sought “the kind of confirmation that we obviously received over the weekend” before publishing its story.

“We had to meet our own standards,” AP Washington Bureau Chief Sally Buzbee told HuffPost.

Al-Monitor wrote that it had learned of the secret diplomacy earlier in November, but had “agreed to hold the story at the administration’s request until the conclusion of the third round of nuclear talks that ended here in a breakthrough tonight.”

Al-Monitor’s Laura Rozen tweeted that the AP had also agreed to hold the story until a deal was reached, something reporters from the AP did not confirm.

Holding a story at the request of government is, of course, nothing new.

Particularly when it involves the current administration, which the media happily greased the skids to put in place, by holding off on stories and pretending to be mystified by Obama’s worldview. And then there’s this administration’s namesake law. Or as tech writer Bruce Webster notes today:

The media for the past three years has failed to do its job as independent and skeptical investigative journalists with regards to Obamacare in general and the essential technology infrastructure in particular — not just the website itself but all the back-end systems and the state exchanges as well. Even when launched, most media outlets dutifully reported the problems as mere “glitches” and echoed the Obama Administration’s (false) statements that these problems were merely due to the website’s overwhelming popularity and that all would be well soon. A few intrepid reporters — such as Sheryl Attkisson at CBS News — felt the problems were deeper and kept digging, but most mainstream news outlets did not.

Now, however, the dam is collapsing. The true depth of problems with the ACA tech infrastructure is coming out, thanks largely to the Republicans in Congress fulfilling their  oversight role, obtaining and releasing documents. This, in turn, has started the Great Finger Pointing of who is to blame for what will likely be the most public and visible US information technology failure to date, and all parties involved have turned to the media to air grievances and get out in front of the blame.

And while poetry readings on behalf of Obamacare have apparently stopped at CBS, they’re still eager to do the administration’s bidding whenever possible:

Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell stayed true to form and badgered a Republican/conservative guest on Monday’s CBS This Morning – this time, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor over his criticism of the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Our own Roger L. Simon writes, “Iran Will Not Have an Atomic Bomb. Period:”

So we have left it all to Israel and, incredible as it may seem, Saudi Arabia to put a stop to this madness. What will they do? I wouldn’t want to be them. It’s no fun at all Perhaps a new prayer should be added to the Jewish liturgy. “Thank G-d I wasn’t born Benjamin Netanyahu.”

I hope Mr. Obama, who promised us “peace in our time” at the start of his second term enjoys whatever modest uptick, if any, Sunday’s development brings to his poll numbers — I doubt many in the Middle East will.

(Via SDA.)

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Why is the Iranian bomb our concern? None of the prior nations who built bombs have used them, and many of our enemies and frenimies acquired them in defiance of our wishes: Russia, PRC, India, Pakistan, and South Africa.

Our opposition is worthless posturing. Let ‘em do what they want. They will anyway.
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Longtime observer, wananabe player, but I fear I don't have it in me -

And here is my message to the GOP and allies: Obey the military maxim of 'concentration of force'. Direct every bit of energy to ONE message and ONE message above all. It is a message that can then be driven like a uranium tipped spear at the socialist establishment, which may have a shell of solid steel, but could pop like a balloon if the spear is driven right.

The message, that needs to be hammered over people's heads until the bumps start to bleed?


I don't mean Obamacare, where you have been lied to and everyone knows it - You have been lied to for decades! Starting with being lied to about who killed JFK for a start. You have been lied to by the culture, by the media, by your schools. You have been lied to about Vietnam. You have been lied to about socialism. You have been lied to about Bush and Iraq. You have been lied to about Islam... and about Christianity. You have been lied to about what America is and has been for centuries. You have been lied to about how economics does and does not work. You have been lied to about racism ...(and lied to and lied to and lied to and lied to.....) You have been lied to about the people who try to stand up to the liars, and are fed into cultural shredders as a result. You have been lied to about Reagan, about Romney, about Palin, about virtually every person who ever got into the gunsights of the left.

Oh, and you have been lied to about....... the IRS... Benghazi.... our current "Justice" Department.....Pigford..... the shutdown....

Oh, and also, Obama lied about Obamacare to get it passed. You might have missed that.

Let THIS be the single message. All else will just muddy the waters, and allow the socialist establishment to swim in the murk. We need not even necessarily list all of the above and so much more - just five words:


So go do it.

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