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New York Times Endorses Genocide

September 18th, 2013 - 8:50 am

Oh no! Chuckle. The New York Times now favors the extinction of the Jewish state. Shudder. Let’s see. Sulzburger fought in the Confederate army; then the newspaper virtually ignored the Ukrainian famine and the Holocaust, then reported that Fidel Castro was a moderate, then reported Islamist terrorists are moderates.

That’s a pretty accurate record right?

Look, I know the author of the one-state solution article and I can tell you he’s been pushing this drivel for at least 35 years. People in Israel don’t want to be turned into a repressive Sharia state from a flourishing country a model of prosperity and one of the highest world ratings of happiness.

I might mention that Israel won every war and has a far stronger army. It is even the great Arab hope for bashing Iran and an ally of Egypt and Jordan!

So what is this nonsense? The headline of this article is accurate.

I remember an evening when I was invited to a couple that were well-known anti-Israel activists.

We had pleasant enough conversation until late in the evening when I thought we had agreed on a West Bank- Gaza state living alongside Israel. Then the guy said, “But of course Israel will not be allowed to remain as a state.”

You can tell what your opponents really think if you listen to them. If you doubt that you should listen some time to what Palestinians say. I’ve been doing that for decades.

But of course this is nonsense. And in fact it is an endorsement of de facto genocide—make no mistake about it.

What is true, though, is a changing atmosphere. The Democratic Convention rejected by a majority vote that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel (It also voted by a majority against G-d).

Now a lot of administration officials, including Vice-President   Joe Biden, are speaking at J Street. You should understand that this not a liberal, pro-peace group but an organization created by a former Arab lobbyist to destroy Israel, or at least support for it. among the American people and especially Jewish community and Congress.

I will just quote what Jesse Jackson said several years ago. I don’t mean this to be taken literally, but it a sign of h the transformation Obama’s anti-Israel views are, except of course to the majority of American Jews.

Like this one. Can you imagine a foreign policy team more hostile to Israel? Jackson, of course,was not a part of that team, but can see the obvious.

The New York Post just quoted him as having said in a French speech in October 2008 that “Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades” will lose much of their clout when Obama enters the White House.

Speaking at the World Policy Forum event in Evian, France–the place where Jewish refugees were doomed at a 1938 conference--Jackson promised 70 years later–”"a”fundamental change.” Jackson “criticized the Bush administration’s diplomacy and said Barack would change that,” because, as long as the Palestinians hadn’t seen justice, the Middle East would “remain a source of danger to us all.” Of course, Palestinians have been given billions of dollars and offered a state but still staged thousands of terrorist attacks since then and still denied Israel’s right to a state.

It’s called argument through blackmail. Can you imagine what massacres there would be? How about a one-state army commanded by Palestinian Arab generals? Jews who most of the Arabs hate and revile being reduced to the status of minority Christians in the Middle East. Terrorists will have full access everywhere. Can this be advocated by anyone serious? Nobody but a fool or liar (probably the latter) could advocate such a thing,

And Israel has had nothing to do with the Afghan Taliban, the Iran-Iraq war, al-Qaida,’the Egyptian revolution, the Tunisian revolution, and the Syrian civil war.

The Obama Administration denied Jackson’s words at the time but since then has proven them. Even an Egyptian government makes no difference if it wants to fight terrorism and preserve the peace treaty rather than the opposite policy.

But then why has the Obama Administration kept enthusiastic support from AIPAC? Because of the strategic situation. The prince is the prince and Israel hopes that one day–it hopes in vain–that Obama will act against Iran.

But just for three more years.

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Indeed - the perfidious NY Times. My dad would always say with uncharacteristic heat that Stalin has indeed slaughtered the Kulaks. He never blamed Duranty or the NY Times but in retrospect he was clearly annoyed at someone covering it up. He taught me to read the transcripts of major speeches in the NY Times and not rely on any summarizing article. In the late fifties I was fooled by the NY Times' reporting on Castro into believing Castro was a Social Democrat. By the time JFK incompetently tried to overthrow him I wished that Kennedy had intervened effectively. That's my personal experience with the NY Times and I also aware of their anti Jewish bent over the years.

With the current administration I think the strongest tell as to their real policy goals is their ongoing support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They may indeed be trying to surround Israel with Muslim Brotherhood regimes, but to persist in supporting the Brotherhood in Egypt in the name of democracy is an absurdity too far.
1 year ago
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Who are America’s current allies in the Middle East? Primarily two countries, governed by the Muslim Brotherhood, who seek full implementation of sharia law, and who are determined to add new territory to their emerging caliphate.

Qatar, a tiny speck of a nation where the U.S. military has a major base, has been the main instigator and bankroller of the Arab Spring. Wealthy thanks in part to huge natural gas reserves, Qatar is ruled by sharia. The Qataris are also in favor of American intervention in Syria, which would benefit the al Qaeda-suffused rebels. But this should not be surprising: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the 9/11 mastermind, lived in and was employed by the Qatari Ministry of Electricity and Water.

Obama’s friendship with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is already legendary. This is the same Prime Minister who has essentially banned alcohol promotion in Turkey, and who has implemented national smoking bans. Curiously, his tobacco measures have been through NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Global Tobacco Control Initiative.” Unlike in Egypt, during the mass protests against Erdogan’s totalitarian rule, Obama was conspicuously silent.
1 year ago
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The recent flip flops on Syria enabled Obama o defeat his most hated enemy- AIPAC. It was not the Black caucus, latinos, labor or the progressives who campaigned to support the President only AIPAC . As a result the fringe opinion that the Jews were trying to lead the USA into another fruitless Mid east war at the bidding of their Israeli masters (dual loyalty) has practically gone mainstream. Watch when it comes time to put up or shut up over Iran's nukes, AIPAC will be completely neutralized.
1 year ago
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Let's see, a Sulzburger would come with cheese while a Sulzberger would come with...well...cheese.
1 year ago
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