Anarcho-Laziness: Scenes from Occupy LA's one-year anniversary rally

Yesterday the motley remnants of Occupy Los Angeles finally got around to celebrating Occupy Wall Street’s one-year anniversary (more than two weeks after all the other OWS groups did so.) In fact, this lackadaisical attitude about their own rally perfectly reflected the newly emergent operational philosophy of OccupyLA, which one might deem Anarcho-Laziness: the right to avoid employment.


Once again Ringo of Ringo’s Pictures was on hand at Downtown L.A.’s Pershing Square to record the festivities. A blow-by-blow account of how the one-year anniversary march played out will be posted soon at; this PJM post will serve as a preview of some of the more amusing scenes.

Distancing themselves from both major political parties — and from any semblance of human decency — the Occupiers proudly showed off their grandest banner, an allegorical Gauginesque painting of a Republican elephant copulating as only an elephant can with a Democrat she-donkey (technically a “jenny“).

But a major theme of the day seemed to be an active antipathy to the notion of work. The Occupiers seek a new societal paradigm in which people laze about and enjoy themselves, while magical fairies and unicorns bring them delicacies on silver trays.

Capitalism, you see, has robbed us all of our free time. If it wasn’t for that mean ol’ capitalism we could just slack off all day! But as the sign at the lower right shows…

…not everybody is clear on the concept. Quoting Karl Marx directly conflicts with the principles of Anarcho-Laziness: the whole point of communism is to ensure that everybody has a job.


Just try telling Che that you just don’t feel like working in a socialist utopia. Up against the wall with you!

Basically, all of this — the anarchy, the communism, the laziness — is just a mask to hide resentment of successful people. That’s why Occupy failed: They didn’t work hard enough to disguise the envy and jealousy at the root of their worldview.

An upside-down American flag was laid on the ground so people could walk on it.

Typically, while trying to spell “ONE LIFE ONE LOVE” on the flag, the Occupiers sloppily wrote “ONE LILE ONE LOVE,” and then true to form no one even noticed it. Anarcho-Laziness forever!

Check out the full report soon at for more details about the day’s shenanigans.


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