Paranoia, The Destroyer

I have to admit, I’ve been wondering what the big deal was over the Kerry “bunny suit” picture that popped up this week. I just didn’t have the same reaction everybody else had (i.e., cracking up); my thought was, “Oh, he’s in a clean suit.” That’s it. Then I read this today:


The pictures have prompted chuckles and jokes among political pundits covering the Democratic National Convention in Boston because, to people unfamiliar with shuttle operations, the head-to-toe light-blue suits look goofy.

However, astronauts, workers or anyone else getting inside a shuttle or near other spacecraft and rockets being readied for launch wears such coveralls to protect the delicate vehicles from contamination.

Exactly right. If you’re familiar with clean-area procedures, the “bunny suit” wasn’t that much of a giggle-inducer (and what the heck, Kerry looks goofy in normal clothes).

Of course, all of the above just reinforces how dumb it was for Kerry flack Mary Beth Cahill to freak out and accuse NASA of a “dirty trick” in releasing the photos. I’d bet you dollars to donuts (mmm, donuts) that nobody at NASA even thought there was anything weird about those pictures.


But now the Kerry campaign has pissed off the vast majority of a large workforce in the most crucial electoral state on the map. Bad move, Mary Beth.

UPDATE: Oh, good grief. Now a silly legal threat has forced NASA to remove the photos from their site. Maybe Rove really does have moles embedded on the other side–why else would the Dems be so dead-set on turning a non-story into an embarrassing black eye?

If this is an indicator of the Kerry campaign’s political savvy, Bush should be sleeping very well these days.


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