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Nearly-Naked Karen Twerks Toward Gulf Coast

About an hour ago, Ed Piotrowski called Tropical Storm Karen "nearly a naked swirl." Around the same time, Rob Perillo tweeted, "Karen's low-level circulation exposed! (sounds like a New York Post headline)." After I retweeted them, @RINOPundit asked me, "Is this the weather form of twerking? If so, #DOOM." I couldn't resist responding with the headline you see above.

But seriously -- Karen continues to look disorganized as she moves slowly toward a late-Saturday/early-Sunday date with the Gulf coast. But there are increasing indications in the computer models -- most notably a sudden shift by the Euro model toward the GFS-favored easterly track that was once considered an "outlier" -- that the storm may remain over water longer, stay further east, and target the Florida panhandle instead of Louisiana -- all of which means the "sleeper potential" of strengthening before landfall could become a reality. It will be interesting to see whether the National Hurricane Center adjusts the official forecast at 5pm EDT.

[UPDATE: Welcome, InstaPundit readers! Karen is now basically dead. Here's my final Friday-night update.]

Anyway, you can see my latest updates below via Twitter after the jump is an archive for posterity of this evening's tweets in between this post and the one after it: