Hugh Jackman Taking Wolverine Artsy in 'Logan'


As a series, the X-Men film franchise has to be viewed like James Bond. There is no real continuity between “Dr. No” and “Spectre.” There’s some vague thematic consistency, and a few concurrent films which build off each other. But the overall franchise is more a vague mythology than a concrete narrative. That quality may be frustrating to those who like consistent storytelling. On the upside, it affords opportunities to experiment.


In his final portrayal of the mutant berserker Wolverine, star Hugh Jackman works with director James Mangold to craft a different kind of superhero film. Indeed, if you were to see the trailer for the forthcoming “Logan” in a theater, without knowing what it was, you may not piece together that it’s a superhero film at all, at least not until the claws came out.

Speaking to Empire magazine, Mangold noted that they’ve again dispensed with continuity:

“Hugh and I have been talking about what we would do since we were working on the last one, and for both of us it was this requirement that, to be even interested in doing it, we had to free ourselves from some assumptions that had existed in the past, and be able to change the tone a bit…”

Why not? It’s not as though continuity has ever been particularly important to the X-Men franchise. Perhaps a true reboot can give continuity a try someday. For Jackman’s final outing, it’ll be fun to see a different side of the character and a somber style of film-making.


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