Trump, Your New Republican Standard-Bearer, Open to Hiking Minimum Wage

Donald Trump

Donald Trump now stands as the de facto leader of the Republic Party, its presumptive nominee for the highest elected office in the land. As such, he will be looked to as a spokesman and standard-bearer for the Republican brand.


On his first day after victory in Indiana, he got off to a great start. From The Hill:

In a reversal, Donald Trump expressed openness to raising the federal minimum wage during an interview on Wednesday.

“I’m looking at that, I’m very different from most Republicans,” the presumptive GOP presidential nominee told CNN Wednesday about the prospect of increasing wages.

“You have to have something you can live on…”

Take any reference to Trump or the Republican Party out of it, and these comments would be universally recognized as conforming to the Left. Yet, through the magic of Trump-think, it becomes okay for him to say it because [insert anti-establishment angst here].


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