The Pipe Dream Act: Trump's Immigration 'Plan'

This has got to stop. The presidential campaign of Donald Trump has transcended ridiculous, reaching a level of absurdity typically reserved for third party runs.


Sunday, Trump unveiled his immigration plan. To sum it up, he’s going to single-handedly rewrite the Constitution (or just ignore it) to deny citizenship to immigrant-born children. Rick Moran has a great analysis of that idea.

Trump was hazy on the details of his deportation plan. Presumably it would be legal, which means amending the Constitution to make it possible to deport so-called “anchor babies” — children born in the U.S. of illegal parents…

Then, there is the due process that illegal aliens have a right to, according to the law. They can’t be deported without it, and with 11 million court cases coming, he might want to think of increasing the number of immigration judges by a factor of about a thousand. Or perhaps we could change the law and deny illegals due process.

Nevermind the enforcement logistics required to get each of those 11 million people into court, to say nothing of back across the border.


What Trump is doing here is not unlike what President Obama accomplished during his 2008 campaign. Recall that hapless voter who thought Obama’s victory would result in an end to her mortgage payments? This “plan” from Trump plays to that same kind of stupid. He’s making promises he can’t keep, and teasing outcomes beyond the realm of possibility.

Some are saying “at least he has a plan.” No, he doesn’t. A plan that can’t be implemented is not a plan. It’s a pipe dream.


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