Next Indiana Jones Rumored for Late 2018

It’s a great time for belated sequels and franchise reboots. Jurassic World just finished its second weekend, remaining number one at the box office against Pixar’s newly released Inside Out. The dino adventure flick pulled in another $102 million domestically, adding to its record-breaking half-billion-dollar haul worldwide. Jurassic’s success raises expectation for other franchises, particularly Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which hits theaters on December 18th.


Another franchise which Disney gained with their acquisition of Lucasfilm is Indiana Jones. Producer Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed intentions to continue the franchise, though the exact nature of the next film remains unknown. Will it be a reboot? Will it be a continuation starring an aging Harrison Ford?

Either way, a source cited by Ain’t It Cool News claims the next installment has been slated for release in the forth quarter of 2018.

I asked some friendly spies in and around Lucasfilm for confirmation and didn’t get it, but also didn’t get a denial, either.

Plans made that far in advance could easily change. Much no doubt hinges on the success of Disney’s efforts with Star Wars.


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