Fake Show About Reality Shows Coming to Lifetime

It’s like professional wrestling. We all know reality television is staged, but fans watch it with relish anyway.

The Lifetime network has a new drama about reality shows in the works. UnREAL premieres June 1st. From Variety:


The show’s co-creator, writer and supervising producer Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, said she and fellow co-creator and exec producer Marti Noxon are using the show to expose the reality of the reality TV industry.

“It’s a very dark look at the underbelly of a culture that we’ve all become really used to — specifically women destroying other women and what motivates that,” she said. “Another thing we explore is the princess fantasy and the idea of why we are all so attracted to these shows that make us feel really bad about ourselves.”

Perhaps it can lead to the inevitable reality show about a reality show.



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