Will The Intern Defy Hollywood, Promote Class and Business?

Marketers craft movie trailers to sell tickets, not necessarily to accurately portray what the movie will be. With that in mind, the above glimpse of a new film starring Anne Hathaway promises some refreshing themes.


Hathaway plays the young founder and CEO of a company based in New York. She takes on an intern played by Robert De Niro, who turns 72 in August.

You might expect such a premise to rest upon cheap age jokes. Certainly, those seem to abound. However, the surprising element here is a genuine respect for age, experience, and classy demeanor. The trailer suggests that something has been lost in the past couple generations of men, something which we ought to consider reclaiming.

The trailer also suggests that the film will portray entrepreneurship in a positive light. That’s something rarely found in Hollywood these days.


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