Contrary Take: Trump's Golf Challenge Was a Master... Stroke

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

When former President Donald Trump and Presidentish Joe Biden snapped at each other over their golf handicaps two weeks ago, it was the one bipartisan cringefest during the entire 90-minute debate — so why am I praising Trump for bringing it front and center again?

The short version, for you few readers who aren't already aware, is that on Tuesday Trump laid down a golfing challenge to Biden. "I'm also officially challenging crooked Joe to an 18-hole golf match right here on Doral's Blue Monster," Trump announced with his usual swagger. "I will even give Joe Biden 10 strokes a side. Ten strokes, that's a lot. That means 20 strokes, in case you don't play golf. And if he wins, I will give the charity of his choice, any charity of his choice, $1 million."

PJ Media's own Matt Margolis asked, "Why would Trump do this?" and called it his first misstep in weeks.

I like and respect Matt. I read his stuff every day — and so should you. But I have to wonder if he's missed just what a master... stroke Trump's golf challenge was.

It bears all the hallmarks of Trump's best moments on various campaign trails, combining a sense of fun, good-spirited machismo, and a spirit of giving involving seven figures. While that was great and all, it isn't what I found so compelling.

"Stick to the stuff that matters to the American people and affects their lives," Matt advised Trump in his column.

Oh, but he did.

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Biden's fitness for office is a major concern and cuts to the heart of everything that has gone wrong since he was sworn in. When the guy who ran as a moderate who would heal our divisions and restore dignity to the Oval Office ends up embracing every radical cause, gives Nuremberg-style speeches that paint half the country as Nazis, and walks like he's carrying a fresh load in his Depends — it's fair to ask who's in charge here? Is it the Obama holdovers and Marxian Millennials, or the near-corpse?

Biden's fitness might just be the biggest presidential story since LBJ stepped aside more than 50 years ago — and it might very well get topped in the next few days or weeks if certain elements within the Democrat Party manage to force Biden to do the same.

Even better, Biden's own testiness brought this all on.

"Look, I’d be happy to have a driving contest with him. I got my handicap, which, when I was vice president, down to a 6," Biden said in one of his more lifelike moments during the debate. "And by the way, I told you before I’m happy to play golf if you carry your own bag. Think you can do it?"

By challenging Biden, Trump brings the discussion back to Biden's debate debacle instead of Biden's scripted (and brief) campaign rally appearances. While Biden is doing what he can to look strong and decisive at the NATO summit, Trump's challenge makes Biden appear the way he really is: a disastrous combination of combative yet impotent.


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