Trump Guilty Verdict: It Could Happen to You

Steven Hirsch/New York Post via AP, Pool

The fix was in against Donald Trump. You knew it, they knew it, everyone knew it. The Left didn't even try to hide it. New York DA Alvin Bragg campaigned on nailing Trump, and he received money from a George Soros-supported group. Judge Juan Merchan repeatedly slammed down Trump's defense, let the prosecution run wild, and gave the Manhattan jury instructions that took them by the hand and walked them directly to a guilty verdict. 


This miscarriage of justice was so conspicuous and outrageous that Trump's 2024 campaign site crashed from people trying to donate. Even Sen. Susan Collins — the MAGA-averse RINO from Maine — warned that "The political underpinnings of this case further blur the lines between the judicial system and the electoral system."

After Trump was sworn into office way back in 2017, he declined to have the Department of Justice investigate, much less prosecute Hillary Clinton. Despite his "Lock her up!" chant, he later said that going after Clinton would be too divisive. 

But stacking the deck in a court of law against a political opponent wasn't too divisive for Democrats. Another old X acquaintance — an attorney and not a Trump fan — reminded readers that "Our justice system depends on having a critical mass of honest prosecutors and judges, and straight juries. It also depends on the public believing in the system. All of this corrodes it like rust."

National Review's Jeff Blehar really nailed it when he posted to X last night, "Gonna be wild when Trump appeals a conviction based upon questionable legal theories all to the way to the Supreme Court and you suddenly realize why the Left has been methodically laying so much groundwork in advance trying to tar SCOTUS as corrupt."


Remember: Any institution the Left cannot control, it will try to destroy, and if it cannot be destroyed, the left will try to delegitimize it.

Paul Hookem explained it best earlier this week, "If they can do this to Trump…just imagine what they will do to us. The war has long begun. Most just don’t know it."

We got our first real taste of "justice" under the radical Biden Cabal when it went after Jan 6. protestors with unconstitutional ruthlessness. Spending years in a hole without a trial? Check. Dubiously long sentences? Check. Sending the message that dissent will not be tolerated in Joe Biden's America? CHECK.

More than anything else right now, this country needs fearless voices. The Jan. 6 persecutions didn't silence me or any of my PJ Media or Townhall colleagues like Stephen Kruiser, Kurt Schlichter, Ed Morrissey, Victoria Taft (who has done such an amazing job of covering Trump's trial), and countless others. Later today, Ed will join Kruiser and me for the "Five O'Clock Somewhere" VIP Gold video live chat, and you'd better believe we'll be dropping enough truth bombs to flatten a major city.

And we'll keep doing it until they either shut us down or we help wrest this country back.


If you'd like to become a part of that, please consider becoming a VIP or VIP Gold supporter. With today's WITCHHUNT promo code, you get access to exclusive ad-free news, analysis, podcasts, and video live chats at all six Townhall sites for just $3 a month. That's a 60% savings and something we've never done before.

If not, please keep coming back for the writers you've always enjoyed. After yesterday, you've never needed us more and we've never needed our readers more — because the long war has begun, and you and I know it. 

Now we have to make sure everyone else does.


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