WaPo: 'GOP Thrusts Gas Stoves' Because I Guess They Got Tired of Writing 'Pounces'

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I’m not even sure what “GOP thrusts gas stoves” quite means, but that’s the thrust (ahem) of the Washington Post’s attempt at deflection from the Left’s latest self-own.


The Post’s “climate change and environment” reporter, Maxine Joselow, tells us today that “Republican lawmakers are claiming that the Consumer Product Safety Commission wants to take away people’s gas stoves,” but that “In reality, the commission is not going to snatch anyone’s stove.”

How that equates to “thrusting” is anyone’s guess.

ASIDE: Joselow studied English at Brown, not science. And she isn’t even very good at that.

Back back to Joselow, who assures readers that the feds are “merely considering regulations that would seek to curb pollution from new gas stoves on the market, rather than existing appliances inside people’s homes.”

Earlier this week, Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka told Bloomberg, “We need to be talking about regulating gas stoves, whether it’s drastically reducing emissions or banning gas stoves entirely.”

If Republicans somehow mistook Trumka’s statement as a proposal that might ban gas stoves entirely, that’s their fault, you see.

Trumka added that a ban “is a powerful tool in our toolbox and it’s a real possibility here,” and shame on you neanderthals for thinking he was talking about banning anything.

But then Trumka did a 180 so fast that Hollywood is considering incorporating his move into the next Fast and Furious movie.


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Andrew Follett summed it up like so:

Step 1: Lib activists drop new smug talking point in cash grab.

Step 2: Every Lib picks it up overnight.

Step 3: Lib gov’t agencies say they’ll consider it.

Step 4: Backlash

Step 5: Media denies 1-3 ever occurred and portrays GOP as aggressor somehow.

Even without a ban, if the whipped-up hysteria against natural gas (which I’ll get back to momentarily) continues, the mere presence of gas appliances might make selling existing homes all but impossible without retrofitting electric cooktops, water heaters, etc.

Earlier this week we were assured that gas stoves were giving children asthma, causing permanent brain damage, and mutating ordinary family pets into enormous city-crushing monsters. Now we’re told that Republicans have turned gas stoves into another front in the culture war against everything decent.


“Culture war,” quipped one Twitter user, “must be the new Republicans pounce.”

We’re also told that gas stoves are the domain of the rich.


The proletarians have nothing to lose but their asthma. They have an induction cooktop to gain.

Indeed, but let’s call this next step on the hike up to the top of Peak Stupid what it really is: brazen rent-seeking, yet another cynical cash-grab by the Left.

See here:

It gets worse: World Economic Forum Partner Behind Sudden Push To Ban Gas Stoves.

But the hysteria is YOUR FAULT, you mouth-breathing thruster.

Never fear, the Feds are here.

Gas Stoves Are Evil


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