New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Is Floating a New Conspiracy Theory a Week Out From the Midterms

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If you’re worried about crime in New York, then Gov. Kathy Hochul says you’re the victim of a “conspiracy,” you poor dears.

Will those right-wing “manipulators,” as she calls them, stop at nothing to dethrone the unelected governor of New York?


Hochul — who is now in a “tight race” against Republican challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin — took her conspiracy theory to the public airwaves on Sunday, appearing on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation with host Rev. Al Sharpton.

Sharpton first came to fame in the late ’80s, helping 15-year-old Tawana Brawley spread lies about a racist rape that never happened. He never personally paid his share of the $345,000 defamation judgment that eventually resulted. The next year, Sharpton would claim that he’d agreed to become a government informant in exchange for reducing crack sales in black neighborhoods. Looking at his antics from the ’90s onward, his entire business dealings start to look like a massive conspiracy to avoid paying taxes.

Clearly, if you have a conspiracy theory to peddle, PoliticsNation is the place to go. Maybe that’s why Hochul went to his show to peddle this nonsense:

They have master conspiracies going all across America to try and convince people that in Democratic states, they’re not as safe. Well, guess what? They’re also not only election deniers, they’re data deniers.

“Safer places are the Democratic states,” she said.

Major crime is way up in New York City, home to nearly half of all New York State residents.

Official statistics show the NYPD tracked weekly spikes in almost every category of major crime except murders and rapes in June, July and August, compared with last year.

The only exceptions were felony assaults, which declined twice, and auto thefts, which dipped once.

As of last week, the rate of serious crimes was up 35.6% over 2021, with robberies, burglaries, grand larcenies and auto thefts rising between 32.6% and 46.6% each.


Murder is down 14% over 2021, which is nice. But murder in 2021 was way up over 2020, and 2020 was way up over 2019.

Dips in the trendline are expected, and they don’t change the trendline.

The trendline for New York ain’t right.

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Thanks to former mayor Rudy Giuliani and his innovative police commissioner, William Bratton, New York City went from a crime-infected s***hole to one of the safest major cities in the entire world. Pseudo-Republican-turned-independent-mayor Michael Bloomberg largely kept Giuliani’s policies in place. It took years of epic mismanagement under Bill de Blasio to turn things around.

When they turned, they turned big.

To be fair, there is a national increase in violent crime, driven largely by drug addiction and mental illness, both of which we’ve stopped aggressively treating.

That’s part of what makes Hochul’s claim such a nasty instance of gaslighting. Druggies killing each other over fentanyl or whatever is disturbingly common. But, like gang violence during Prohibition, the violence is mostly limited to druggies, dealers, and the police.

What has people so concerned in places like New York is the undeniable increase in random violence in places like the subway and once-safe neighborhoods.

For better or worse, people generally shrug it off when crime occurs among criminals.


But people rightly become much more concerned when some homeless felon drug addict, who’s been in and out of the system multiple times and has just been let out without bail again, randomly stabs someone in the street or pushes someone in front of an oncoming subway train because the voices in their head told them to.

By that measure, Democrat-run places like New York City, Denver, San Francisco, St. Louis, and Los Angeles, are increasingly out of control.

People notice that kind of thing: “Eight in 10 likely voters describe things in the country today as ‘out of control.’

Who you gonna believe? Kathy Hochul or your own lyin’ old Asian man stabbed on a BART train?


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