Kamala Harris Spends 28 Seconds Saying Absolutely Nothing in Highland Park

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

A deadly shooting is no laughing matter, and that’s why Kamala Harris should never be sent anywhere near the aftermath of one.

The alleged Vice President traveled to Highland Park on Tuesday to speak with first responders and other locals following the murder of seven people during an Independence Day parade.

It’s a solemn occasion, to say the least.

Even people like myself, who prefer to find the levity in almost anything, know that when we take center stage we have to put on our game face and stick to the formal, prepared remarks.

Or you can be like Harris and just wing it, because YOLO.

With apologies for the questionable audio quality, here’s a quick & dirty transcript:

We got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are because you have been forced to have to take this seriously. The whole nation should understand and have a level of empathy to understand that this could happen anywhere in any peace-loving community. And we should stand together and speak out about why this has to stop. Thank you.

Usually, whenever Presidentish Joe Biden or Harris issue one of these word-salad statements, I’d chip in with a silly takedown.

But not today because, like almost all people not named “Kamala Harris,” I have at least some appreciation of the dignity required.

Instead, let me ask you to reread that statement. And then let me ask you this: What, if anything, did Harris just say?

She said that we have to be serious after a mass murder.

(Serious enough to show up with some thoughtful remarks?)

She said we should have understanding and empathy.

(Does anyone really need to be told that right now?)

She said we have to speak out against mass murder.

(Quite the bold stand.)

Harris showed up in Highland Park, after traveling a thousand miles at great public expense, to say virtually nothing. Her brief “thoughts” didn’t even amount to a small pile of platitudes.

She said a bit more, with the usual partisan calls for gun control and giving people the ability to sue gunmakers out of existence. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the Chicago Tribune dutifully cleaned up her poor grammar in the part I transcribed for you.

What you heard in that short clip is not, word-for-word, what the Tribune reported.

It’s enough to make you wonder what she actually said in the parts the video didn’t record.

Not that it would have been worth remembering.

Here’s an example of a leader with something to say about a horrible event—something that included everyone, without partisan division.

That’s a statement that few have forgotten in the 36 years since Ronald Reagan delivered it.

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