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Omicron 'May Signal the End of COVID-19' According to Healthcare CEO

Omicron 'May Signal the End of COVID-19' According to Healthcare CEO
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Could the rapid spread of the omicron variant signal “the end of COVID-19”?

That’s what the CEO of South Africa’s largest healthcare provider is hoping for since omicron is “so mild” that “we’re not seeing…significant increases in hospital admissions,” according to Summit News.

Richard Friedland, head honcho of Netcare Ltd also said, “I actually think there is a silver lining here and this may signal the end of COVID-19, with it attenuating itself to such an extent that it’s highly contagious, but doesn’t cause severe disease.”

“That’s what happened with Spanish flu,” he reminded people in a statement on Wednesday.

Mild” is the same word used by Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who was one of the first to identify the latest variant. People she treated with omicron had symptoms “so different and so mild from those I had treated before,” she said.

Virtually all of Netcare’s patients “presented with mild to moderate flu-like symptoms, including a blocked or runny nose, headache and a scratchy or sore throat,” according to a summary by News24.

“Take a NyQuil and don’t bother calling me in the morning,” is pretty much what my doctor would tell me to do with those symptoms, provided they didn’t get any worse.

If the more contagious but milder omicron becomes dominant globally as it seems to have in South Africa, that’s exactly what “the end of COVID-19” would mean. Build up immunity via vaccination and/or infection to one variant, and your system is usually stronger against all variants.

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Even celebrity medical spokesmodel Anthony “Doctor” Fauci, America’s leading source for COVID-19 panicmongering, was forced to admit earlier this week that the preliminary data on omicron is “a bit encouraging.”

“Although it’s too early to make any definitive statements about it,” Fauci said, “thus far it does not look like there’s a great degree of severity to it.”

An admission like that from Fauci is like hearing your pastor greenlight “a little premarital hanky-panky, because what the hell.”

If there’s a downside to omicron, it’s that it could provide safe cover for Presidentish Joe Biden to climb down from his illegal vaccine mandates.

While getting the president to stop breaking the law would be a good thing for this country’s social fabric, I’d argue that anything good politically for Biden is bad for the country in almost every other way.

In the meantime, keep your chin up with this potential good news about omicron — but also keep the NyQuil handy.

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