'Five O'Clock Somewhere' Introduces the Seat of Uncomfortable Ecstasy - Replay Available

It’s nothing sick, I swear.

Well, mostly.


As our regular community of “Five O’Clock Somewhere” live-chatters already know, the Three Amigos are now only two.

Sad to say, but Fox News made Bryan Preston an offer he couldn’t refuse, so last week’s show was his last.

Starting this week, though, each “Five O’Clock Somewhere” will feature a special super-secret double-probation surprise guest, who will be forced to take the Seat of Uncomfortable Ecstasy as they’re grilled by Stephen Kruiser, Yours Truly, and even by our community of live-chatters.

Who is this week’s guest?

There’s only one way to find out…

See you Thursday — can’t wait!

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