Where's Joe? Biden Hides at Camp David While Kabul Burns

"It tastes like defeat!" (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Biden hides at Camp David from his own failures, but he can’t hide forever.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki cut short her vacation plans this week, and one of the first things she had to do was admit that she doesn’t “have an exact time” for when Presidentish Joe Biden might return from Camp David.


“The president will return to the White House,” Psaki told reporters at Tuesday’s White House press conference. But apparently, she’ll have to circle back on when that might be.

If I had to guess, Biden is busy getting new and/or longer plugs. Did you see the glare off the back of his scalp when he stormed away after his brief statement on Monday? There’s a big burn-in spot on my TV from watching it.

ASIDE: I’m not making fun of Biden for being bald. I’m making fun of Biden’s notorious vanity despite his average looks and comically obvious attempts to hide his age.

Later today, Biden is set to do a sitdown interview from the comfort of Camp David… with former Clinton operative and permanent Democrat-operative-with-a-byline, George  Stephanopoulos.

Expect  Stephanopoulos to do two things.

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First, he actually will ask a pointed question or two. That’s his style.

Second,  Stephanopoulos will nod his head along in virtual agreement with whatever mendaciously nonsensical goo pours forth from Biden’s mouth. That’s his style, too.


If Biden wanted to present an image of strength, he’d start by firing a bunch of people with too many stars on their shoulders along with a promise to “get to the bottom” of how we failed so spectacularly, so quickly.

“I’ll root out the rot infecting our senior leadership” wouldn’t just sound good to my ears, it would reassure our enlisted personnel and maybe — but only just maybe — tell China we’re still a serious player.

Instead? We’ll get a powder-puff interview from  Stephanopoulos while General Mark Milley quietly doubles down on the top-down wokeness that’s turning our military into a paper tiger.


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