Will This Help or Hurt? Some Top Republicans Demand Kamala Harris Be 'Fired' for Border Fiasco

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Some smart political moves start to look really stupid once you’ve given them a second thought.

Today I read about one of those moves that didn’t seem to require a second thought… until I gave it that second thought… and thought, “Brilliant!”

Various big-name Republicans took to Twitter and other forums this week to demand that Vice President Kamala Harris be “fired” or “removed” from her Border Czar job for her total inaction on Presidentish Joe Biden’s growing crisis-by-design.

Former South Carolina Governor and Occasional VodkaPundit Heartthrob Nikki Haley got things going on Monday with an early morning tweet, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz soon joined in the fun.

Conservative Brief reported on Friday that President Donald Trump’s onetime Acting ICE Director, Ron Vitiello, also called for Harris to lose her job as Pretend Border Something, You Know, The Thing.

“There’s clearly no interest at the White House level, including the vice president, to fix this problem,” he said.

The pile-on comes just weeks after Congressional Oversite Committee ranking member Glenn Grothman (R-Wisc.) published a letter signed by 55 of his colleagues. In it, they blasted Harris because she “has not yet shown adequate interest in observing this crisis first-hand. In the 85 days since the Vice President has been tasked with solving this crisis, she has yet to visit the border and meet with Border Patrol agents, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials, and local law enforcement officials.”

That was in the middle of June. Since then, the Biden-fostered/Harris-disregarded border crisis has grown nothing but worse.

McAllen, Texas, Mayor Major Javier Villalobos said Friday that his town was at a “breaking point,” according to Fox News.

With minimal help from the federal government, Catholic charities in the area were utilizing donations to house and assist migrants who had been bussed into McAllen.

“The Catholic charities just couldn’t handle it anymore,” Villalobos told “America’s Newsroom.” “We get a call, so we have to immediately act because we cannot—we shouldn’t and we cannot let the immigrants roam around our city—especially with a high COVID rate.”

Not only has Harris still not been to the border, she was last seen at a fundraiser singing “I’ve Never Been To Me.”

Oh, the humanity.

(I made up the part about the fundraiser. Don’t write letters.)

In any case, the #BidenBorderCrisis isn’t exactly trending on Twitter — but that’s because Twitter manually chooses which hashtags to promote in its “What’s Happening” feed.

Still, there is a lot there — much of it with Lackadasical Harris tagged.

Call me a cynic, but these hashtag/letter-writing/unenforceable-demands campaigns impressed me very much. They usually give off an “old man shouts at clouds” vibe, at least to me.

But this time might just be different.

Inflation, the national debt, and unemployment remain America’s top three concerns, according to the latest Hill-HarrisX poll.

Immigration, illegal or otherwise, didn’t even rank above “Other.”

So at least for now, illegal immigration isn’t exactly a winning national issue going into next year’s midterms.


The vice president has literally zero role in any of the issues Americans most worry about. The vice president, as John Nance Garner could tell you, doesn’t officially have much to do at all.

But Biden did give Harris an official job: solving the border crisis. And she accepted it.

Kamala Harris is the least popular vice president in recent decades, with lower approval ratings than even the dreaded Darth Cheney enjoyed at this point during his first term alongside George W. Bush.

Harris makes Biden look even worse, a true testament to the universality of her unlikeability.

And while the border crisis might not be a top issue, it’s certainly a wedge issue between legal immigrants, typically Democrat-voting Hispanics, and their equally do-nothing congresscritters.

In a midterm, a small wedge can cleave a lot.

So why not take a deeply disliked veep, and try hanging her around Biden’s neck with the rope he himself handed Harris to tie up the border mess?


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