Oregon Learning Lockdown: Lawmakers Say 'You Don't Need No Education'

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Welcome to Insanity Wrap, your daily dose of the best of the worst. The Oregon learning lockdown is today’s big crazy.


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Before we get to today’s big story, here’s a split-screen video, the right side of which will cause you to lose whatever faith you still have in humanity, and the left side will restore it.

This Is Not a Sane World, Exhibit #1,000,006

Insanity Wrap is totally on the left-side lady’s side.

Oregon Learning Lockdown: Another Damn Thing We Have to Be Concerned About

Oregon learning lockdown
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Oregon students shouldn’t have to prove they can write or do math to get a diploma, lawmakers decide

After useless lockdowns robbed Oregon students of a year-and-a-half worth of education, what’s a smart group of lawmakers to do?

Treat next year’s students as though they can’t learn, either… and the year after that, and the year after that, etc.

A bill to prohibit Oregon schools from requiring students to show they can read, write and do math at a basic high school level is headed to Gov. Kate Brown after lawmakers gave final approval Wednesday.

There had been requirements in place that students actually gain a few, basic skills before being given a diploma indicating they had gained a few, basic skills — but only since 2009.

Those requirements were suspended last year, an inevitable result of the self-defeating lockdowns.

And they’ll stay suspended, at the very least through the Class of ’24, when Governor Kate Brown signs SB744.


The idea is to hit pause on the requirements, in place since 2009 but already suspended during the pandemic, at least until the class of 2024 gets their diplomas and for Oregon to thoughtfully reexamine its graduation requirements in the meantime.

But since Oregon has long insisted it would not impose new graduation requirements on students who have already begun high school, new requirements would not take effect until the class of 2027 at the very earliest. So at least five more classes could be expected to graduate without needing to demonstrate roughly 10th grade level proficiency in math and writing.

Six years from now, Oregon high school graduates can’t be expected to function at even a 10th-grade level because the schools had been wrongly closed in 2020.

This is madness. It’s child abuse.

It’s progressivism in action.

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(Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.)
As graduates spread wings, Indigenous students allowed to adorn feathers, cultural items

Apropos to our previous item:

A new law, passed by Oregon lawmakers in May, leaves no question whether students are allowed to wear these items at graduation.

House Bill 2052 makes it law that American Indian and Alaska Native high school graduates are allowed to wear tribal regalia and other cultural items during their graduation ceremonies.

“Nice feather. Here’s your meaningless diploma. NEXT!”


Your Daily Dose of Mostly Peaceful Protest

Colorado Mayor Bans Pledge Of Allegiance At Board Meetings; Members Recite It Anyway

Take that, Mayor Shane Fuhrman.

Wanting to know a little more about Mayor Fuhrman, Insanity Wrap searched for him on DuckDuckGo (of course) and found he has a personal website.

Except it looks like this:

Mayor Shane Fuhrman

But that’s not all:

Little else is known about Fuhrman, including his personal life. His website has been restricted, and his Facebook page appears to have been taken down. His Instagram account is also set to private, but we could not confirm if that was always the case. This is likely in response to the massive trolling he has received for banning the pledge.

Massive trolling? Fuhrman trolled his entire city, his own constituents.

If Fuhrman can’t take the heat, he needs to get out of the mayor’s office.

Your Daily Dose of Mandated Unity

It’s OK. He’s for The People™.

The Craziest Person in the World (Today)

Hunter Biden Swipe Left
(Seen on Facebook.)
‘We’re at your door, open it’: How Secret Service swooped on Hunter after he accidentally paid Russian prostitute $25K after night at Chateau Marmont on account ‘linked to dad Joe Biden’, reveals laptop

Since this kind of headline is becoming the new normal under Presidentish Joe Biden — and exceeds even Insanity Wrap’s ability to mock — we’re convinced that we’ve become the craziest person in the world…


…we’re all out of ands except for, “And we’ll have another Bloody Mary this morning.”

Trump GPS

This guy is amazing, and Insanity Wrap wants to hire him to replace our default Siri voice.

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Biden’s ’70s Show

Jimmy Carter Shows Joe Biden How to Screw Everything Up
AP Photo/Barry Thumma, File
Biden endorses plan to overhaul unemployment benefits

We spent the last couple of months re-learning the lesson Ronald Reagan taught the nation back in the 1980s: That overly-generous and overly-long unemployment benefits actually hurt job growth.

Having learned this lesson the hard way twice now, what is President Porchlight going to do?

If you guessed “Triple down on stupid,” gentle reader, then you nailed it:

Under Wyden’s plan [endorsed by Biden], which he unveiled April 14 with Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, additional weeks of benefits would be triggered automatically when a state’s three-month unemployment rate reaches specified levels, starting at 5.5%.

The new law, if passed would automate the process that’s currently bribing people to remain unemployed at a time when employers are desperate for workers.


Yes, we have an employment crisis — a crisis by Democrat design.

One More Thing…

You're Gonna Make It After All
(Seen on Facebook.)

That’s a Wrap for today.

Come back tomorrow for another Insanity Wrap…

…assuming we make it that long.


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