Replay Available: VIP Gold Live Chat with Preston, Kruiser, VodkaPundit

In the second of the Years of Our Troubles, a scheming mediocrity named Joe Biden became President of the United States.

Sometimes incoherent and often needing remote prompting to remember to perform even the simplest tasks, Biden’s mission — or rather, that of his handlers — was to undo all the good done in the previous four years.

They set about that task in a hurry, usurping republican norms with a speed and ferocity that shocked even his most strident critics.

Such as me, your Friendly Neighborhood VodkaPundit.

Fortunately, not everything is doom and gloom, as you’ll learn when I get back together on Thursday with PJ Media’s own Stephen Kruiser and Bryan Preston for another lively live chat — just for our VIP Gold members.

The real joy is that we get together every week not so much to pontificate, but to take your questions and answer them with all the good cheer and wit the three of us can manage.

Yes, even in the Years of Our Troubles.

Hope to see you here on Thursday — can’t wait!


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