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#DefundThePolice Fantasy Crushing Minorities, Inspiring Lawlessness

#DefundThePolice Fantasy Crushing Minorities, Inspiring Lawlessness
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#DefundThePolice has won; America has lost, at least for now.

Police have tough enough jobs even when their elected leaders have their backs; when police departments’ own governments abandon them, the breakdown comes hard and fast.


Twitter lit up over the last week with disturbing videos of violence and lawlessness in America’s big cities, and not just in Seattle’s CHOP “autonomous” area. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the videos is the sheer number of them.

Here’s a recent view of Minneapolis. Kyle Hooten says, “Based on the name of the restaurant in the background it looks like this gunfight occurred right here, roughly a 15-minute drive from the State Capitol Building.”

Last week, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to #DefundThePolice, which goes against the city charter’s requirement to operate and pay a police department. Legalities aside, the message was sent loud and clear to law enforcement and lawbreakers alike.

Pity the poor majority of decent people caught in the middle.

#DefundThePolice and Make Way for Marxist Thugs
 (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)


In Bill de Blasio’s New York City, even a Queer Pride Parade turned violent.

New York is rapidly descending into what might best be called madness. 1010 Wins radio reported on Sunday that “there have been 112 victims in 83 shootings over a nine-day period ending Saturday, according to police.”


The report says that amid calls to #DefundThePolice…

…ahead of the June 30 deadline for the city budget, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said last week that the city’s homicide rate had hit a 5-year high and that the criminal justice system was “imploding.” The number of people shot has risen 42 percent compared to last year.

Brooklyn community advocate Tony Herbert told 1010 WINS he’s anguished over the rise in violence.

“It has just been ridiculous how it has taken place, because we saw a serious decline over a five year period and we have working relationships to work with our police department with their community policing,” he said. “Now look at what we’re faced with. I have not seen anything like this in my entire life living here in New York.”

Portland was the first city to allow antifa to run wild. The results — coming soon to a city near you? — speak for themselves in this video shot by Andy Ngo on Friday.

Life inside CHOP is filled with random violence and gun-toting citizen patrols — or whatever they’re called — enforcing whatever it is that passes for law.

Local reports claim that two black men were circling CHOP in a white SUV, firing off shots. One of them is dead, another in critical condition.

#DefundThePolice: One Man Dead in CHOP Shooting as Antifastan Leaders Plan to Move Into Police Station

Far from relieving racial tensions like the civil rights movement of the ’50s and ’60s attempted to do, today’s “protestors” seek to exacerbate them for political gain.


But don’t worry, folks — Democrat Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is on this.

Michael Tracey has put together a Twitter photo-essay of the economic damage wrought by the growing lawlessness.

Start here, and just click and scroll.

Needless to say, these are all mom & pop joints that bring jobs and vitality to urban neighborhoods.

Multiracial, too, I might add. All this talk about using #DefundThePolice to combat racism sure is hurting an awful lot of minorities.

Then there’s this underreported story from Minneapolis on Friday:


If you’re interested in digging deeper into this one, audio recordings of the police dispatch are available here.

Minneapolis City Council Members Who Voted to #DefundThePolice Get $4,500/Day Private Security

What is maybe most disturbing is the celebration of racial incidents.

This last video is not easy to watch. The Twitter comment — “Who knows what had happened but they deserve to be knocked out” — perfectly, tragically, suits the mindlessness of the violence.

I haven’t been able to find anything on what might have become of those three young men lying prone and unconscious on the pavement.

If we were to build a memorial to #DefundThePolice, maybe it should be those three victims and the menacing mob hovering above them.

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