Duluth Language Police Chop the Word 'Chief' from Local Vocabulary in Savage Move

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Language police in Duluth, Minn., are taking a savage tomahawk to the word “chief” and will scalp it from the titles of two of its administrative leadership positions.


#DefundThePolice or whatever, but the Duluth language police still have enough resources to put on a show of force wherever tender widdle feewings might get hurt.

You’ll feel so much safer the next time you visit Duluth in approximately never.

Language Police Chief… er, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson explained, “We are dropping the name ‘chief’ with intention and with purpose so we have more inclusive leadership, and less language that is rooted in hurt and offensive and intentional marginalization.”

Actually, “chief” is rooted in French which is rooted in Latin, but whatever, chief.

Duluth Language Police

On Monday of next week, the Duluth City Council will take up the vital matter of changing the name of the city’s “chief administrative officer” to “city administrator.” And the city’s “chief financial officer” to “finance director.”

“Director” comes from the Latin word dirigere which means “to set straight.”

You can be sure the gay lobby groups will react in horreur at the Duluth government’s insensitive move.

Language Police Chief

Cooky foody makey people were not available for comment as they were all too busy laughing after being called cooky foody makey people.

Larson is reportedly also looking at renaming Duluth’s police chief and fire chief.


But Mayor Larson isn’t nearly done with her vital language policework. Next to go is the “very masculine language” sullying Duluth’s city charter, according to MPR’s Dan Kraker:

When a gender is identified, it’s always “him.” City staff wanted a more “people first” and “gender-neutral” language “that can better reflect the work we do now,” Larson added.

There’s no word yet on exactly how much all this is going to cost, but it might add up to heap big wampum.

I make fun, sure, because it’s easy and in this case, oh-so-very necessary.

“The toes of the self-righteous were made for stepping on,” I always say, and I get especially steppy when the language police come after our “magnificent bastard tongue,” English.

But it wasn’t that long ago that a serious Democrat presidential contender, serving United States senator, and former Harvard professor was caught with her hand in the proverbial racial preference cookie jar.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Hit Over Fake Native American Ties, Real Casino Deal

Elizabeth Warren used to brag of her virtually non-existent Native American heritage, and so did her employer, Harvard Univesity, where they’ve long used racial preferences in hiring and promoting.


A reminder:

Warren is a bit of an academic grifter. She’s willing to fake her way to the top. When she came to Harvard Law School, she was — believe it or not — considered by some to be a “minority hire.” She listed herself as a minority on a legal directory reviewed by deans and hiring committees. The University of Pennsylvania “listed her as a minority faculty member,” and she was touted after her hire at Harvard Law School as, yes, the school’s “first woman of color.”

Worst (or funniest, depending on where you stand) is when Warren plagiarized a couple of French recipes (from some famous chef, or “chief”) and then called them “Pow Wow Chow.

When will the language police come for Warren?

Warren of course is just one of many recent examples of lefty hypocrisy. In fact, the further left the lefties go, the more their hypocrisy begins to show.

That’s right: White Democrat Dick Durbin dropped the “token” bomb on Senator Tim Scott, a black Republican.


Where were the language police after that offense was committed?

Then there’s my current favorite example, reported on Thursday morning by PJMedia’s own Matt Margolis: “Pro-Black Lives Matter Mayor Has Epiphany After Her Home Was Vandalized by the Movement She Supported.”

Selby and her family were not there at the time, but she experienced a moment of realization after the attack on her property. “I’m really trying to process this,” she told The Olympian. “It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair. It hurts when you’re giving so much to your community,” she added.

I’m sorry, Madam Mayor, but the actual police are too busy at the moment to take your call. Is there anything the language police can do for you?

Call the Language Police: Senator Tim Scott Destroys Dick Durbin For Calling Scott’s Police Reform Bill a ‘Token’ Bill


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