Democrat-Media Complex Ignores Story of Gun Control Lobbyist Arrested for Assault, Domestic Violence, False Imprisonment

Democrat-Media Complex Ignores Story of Gun Control Lobbyist Arrested for Assault, Domestic Violence, False Imprisonment
Mugshot courtesy of Manchester Police Department

Robert Blaisdell, managing partner for Demers, Blaisdell & Parsol Inc. and a lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown” gun control group, was arrested earlier in May on a whole host of charges in Manchester, New Hampshire. He was charged on domestic violence-related crimes of simple assault, false imprisonment, and criminal mischief. Police say Blaisdell “knowingly” confined a family member, trapping his victim by “holding the laundry room door closed over a period of several minutes.” Police claim that Blaisdell also stepped on the person’s hand during the incident, and also allegedly destroyed their cellphone. calls him “a well-known fixture” at the Concord statehouse, and that his recent clients include NH Troopers Association, NH Police Association, NH Court Reporters Association, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Walmart, Bank of America, and FedEx. And, of course, Bloomberg’s nationwide Everytown for Gun Safety group has a $36 million dollar annual budget according to its most recent filing, and includes well-known subsidiaries Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action.

You might think that such a juicy story about a lawyer with so many big clients who is also a lobbyist for such a well-known organization would make some big headlines.

But no.

Groucho Marx quipped, after being asked by a Lindy’s waiter how he had found his steak, “Quite by accident. I moved that piece of tomato and there it was.” That’s pretty much how I found out about Blaisdell’s arrest. Although Blaisdell was arrested almost four weeks ago, I only learned of it yesterday from a Twitter link to a New Hampshire-based political blog, Granite Grok. Literally the only other write-ups I could find were the report (linked above) which was “derived from info supplied by the Manchester Police Department and Manchester District Court,” and this even briefer report from the New Hampshire Union Leader. In other words, there’s been next to zero original reporting. It’s probably safe to say that had Blaisdell been a conservative lobbying for the NRA, reporters would have descended on Queen City like hungry locusts, but with worse manners.

Instead, Blaisdell’s arrest on some pretty serious charges is being treated as a strictly local story, despite, as Steve MacDonald aptly put it at Granite Grok, being someone who “advocates for the government disarming women, was arrested in Manchester… for domestic violence, among other charges.” The irony is delicious, and exactly the kind of thing the left-wing national media would have a field day with… were Blaisdell not one of their own.

We’ve seen this kind of behavior before, many times. Maybe the most egregious example was the Democrat-Media Complex doing what it could to ignore the crimes of Kermit Gosnell because it was “local news.” At (recently sold to unknown persons for $5 million), Irin Carmon had to gall to claim that “in the end, the case of Kermit Gosnell, convicted today of first-degree murder of three babies and numerous other charges, is a local crime story.” This was after his conviction on some of the most horrific charges possible, mind you.

And while Gosnell was certainly guilty of far worse crimes than Blaisdell only might be, the pattern is as longstanding as it is clear: The media will do their best to bury any story, no matter how big, that reflects badly on the Left.