Bye-Bye, Bernie, Bye-Bye

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders reacts to the crowd as he speaks during a campaign stop in Rapid City, S.D., on Thursday, May 12, 2016. Sanders spoke to hundreds of people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and thousands of people in Rapid City Thursday during a campaign swing through South Dakota. (AP Photo/Kristina Barker)

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Last week I wrote that Bernie Sanders might have an “outside chance” to knock Hillary Clinton out of the race:


Sanders might not have to actually win California to get Democratic superdelegates to rethink their support for Clinton, or to get Joe Biden to rethink his decision not to run. If Sanders finishes within a point of Clinton, that might be enough. Right now, after months of mud and effort, is when weary Democrats ought to be flocking to the strongest candidate. And if they don’t come to Clinton in California? She’ll look like a wounded animal.

Well, even spotting Bernie a point wasn’t enough — Clinton won California by nearly 13 points, despite polls showing a close race.

Clinton isn’t the wounded animal. Bernie is, and the wound is fatal.

There might still be some fireworks at the convention, but the floor show will likely be pure kabuki to get the Bernie Babies back on board with the Clinton program.

Of course, there’s always the FBI…


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