Death by Selfie

It might be more common than you think:

Priceonomics has attempted to gather the existing statistics about the people who’ve lost their lives while taking selfies, combing through three years of news reports indicating a death was “precipitated by a selfie,” or that a person had died while attempting to take a photo of themselves.

What they found was sobering: Since 2014, 49 people had been reported dead as a result of some sort of accident involving a selfie. (And this is likely an underestimate, as not every selfie-related death was probably reported in the media.) More than a quarter of selfie-related deaths, perhaps unsurprisingly, are concentrated among 21-year-olds, and 75 percent are male.

The most dangerous places to take a self-portrait seem to be high places or in water: 16 people died from falling off a cliff or a tall building, while 14 drowned. Posing next to an oncoming train is responsible for eight deaths, coming in at third place. The other reasons are violent: gunshot (four), grenade (two), plane crash (two), car crash (two), and animal (one).



Not once but twice?

For the first time ever I’m reduced to saying, “I can’t even. I literally can’t even.”

(H/T, Dave Mark.)


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