No Dancing, Please -- We're Straight

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So it seems as though ABC has banned gay dancing on Dancing with the Stars:

An openly gay singer, Who Is Fancy (yes, that is what he calls himself), is set to perform his new song “Boys Like You” with Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor on the reality competition show’s November 23 episode. The song is about a man falling in love with another man, so the singer’s choreographer wanted to have two men dancing with each other in the performance. But TMZ reported that ABC wasn’t having it.

According to the site’s sources, a “DWTS” producer responded to the choreographer’s request via email: “Apologies all but this is a definitive no from the network.”

NBC had better not follow suit and ban gay figure skating, or the next Winter Olympics are going to suck.

Somewhat more seriously, after watching straight people twerking all over the place we’re supposed to get upset over gay men dancing on DWTS?