Facebook Sees You When You're Sleeping, They Know When You're Awake

It’s such a nice horsey app the geeks have left us, let’s bring it inside our iPhones:

FACEBOOK ISN’T CONTENT just to help you kill time when you’re on your phone. It also wants to lure you in. Today the social networking giant released a new standalone app called Notify to do just that. With Notify, any Facebook user can sign-up for customized mobile “push alerts”—the pop-ups that flash onto your home screen even if your phone is asleep—from news and entertainment outlets.

Notify—at the moment available only for iPhone—would seem to be the company’s latest effort to move beyond trying to hold your attention only once you’re already inside of Facebook. Now Facebook is seeking to entice you to come to your phone. Once a push alert has caught your attention, you might be more likely to head to Facebook.

Facebook doesn’t need any more of your data or metadata. They track the stuff you give them, they track the stuff your friends & family give them about you, they try to track users who are signed out and even non-users.

Now they want to be your notification service, circumventing iOS’s encryption and privacy protections with their creepy new “free” app.

Don’t install this. Just don’t.