Would You Believe...

…that the CNBC exec in charge of last week’s comically revealing debate is a former Clinton staffer? Of course you would:

Brian Steel, senior vice president of communications at CNBC. He was the executive on hand. He is a former Clinton White House staffer, who held three positions under Bill Clinton. He was a domestic policy adviser to Vice President Al Gore, he served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Policy Development and associate director of the department’s Office of Public Affairs. Isn’t that a coinkidink? Hey!!! I just realized, Bill Clinton’s wife is running for president isn’t she?

So a former staffer for Hillary Clinton’s husband was in charge of a debate in which moderators asked questions like “Aren’t you running a comic campaign, Donald Trump?” and “Can you do math, Ben Carson?” and …well, you get the idea. Steel said that he was in charge of planning the event and revving up publicity for the event. Wouldn’t choosing the moderators be part of the planning of the event? That might explain why a debate on the economy didn’t pick Jim Cramer or Rick Santelli to be the main moderators, since they are the biggest stars with the most knowledge of the subject at hand.

When I say “comically revealing,” I don’t mean anything comic was revealed of the GOP contenders. Of course I mean CNBC’s systemic bias and John Harwood’s leftwing trollery were comically revealed to the entire world.