Required Reading

Kurt Schlichter nabbed the top spot today with his piece explaining why he’ll vote for Trump — but not in the primary:

Why would I vote for someone like Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton, besides the fact that on my bucket list “Vote for a Democrat” ranks right there below “Catch herpes”? It’s actually less about how good Trump is (he’s not – he’s terrible) than about how bad Hillary is (super terrible, as in “destroy America” terrible).

Look, for example, at Hillary’s attitude toward freedom. She’s against it, which I find troubling. Hillary has made restricting the First and Second Amendments key planks in her platform. I’m funny about the Constitution – I like it – and I’ll do anything I have to do to keep that venomous witch from getting to pick the next Supreme Court justice. That includes voting for an over-sensitive clown with attention deficit disorder. But to his credit, Donald Trump has not come out against the Constitution, at least not in the last few weeks, though I suspect that if asked he would tell us his favorite part of that ancient document is where it says, “Four score and seven years ago.”

Yes, we are at the point where a presidential candidate’s position of not being actively opposed to the Bill of Rights is a key selling point.

Read the whole thing — it’s required.

The only semi-realistic GOP candidate I simply won’t vote for is Jeb Bush. Policy-wise he’s no worse than several others, but I’ve come to the conclusion that dynasties are just as bad for (small-r) republican government as bad policy is, and so I can’t support a candidate who represents dynastically bad policies.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

Marco Rubio still has some ‘splainin to do on the whole Schumer thing, and remains a little wet behind the ears. Ben Carson, as John Schindler noted this morning, “seems like a nice guy. Ideal small town mayor, maybe city councilman. POTUS? Seriously?”

Carly Fiorina failed to catch fire like she needed to, when she needed to. I’m back to thinking she’ll be somebody’s Veep in the Spiro Agnew Attack Dog mold, but with grace and class.

Ted Cruz is my favorite on policy, and I see in him a Scott Walker-like willingness to squeeze the progressive Media-Government Complex by the nuts, good and hard. And he’s working studiously on overcoming his likability deficit — I just don’t know if it’s too little, too late.

So it may very well be Trump, and I inured myself to that fact weeks ago. But as Kurt wrote, “he’ll be a terrible president.”

So let’s all inure ourselves to that fact, too.