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Alone again, naturally. (AP photo)

Alone again, naturally.
(AP photo)


Idiots: Trey Gowdy, Trying to Establish That Hillary Clinton Committed a Security Breach in Relaying the Name of a Libyan CIA Asset in Email, Discloses the Name of that Same CIA Libyan Asset
The Democrats view government as their High Church, so it tends to draw in their best people.

Conservatives view government with suspicion, so it tends to draw their not-so-best people.

This is amazing, this is incredible, this is such a colossal own-goal as to raise suspicions that it’s deliberate; but this is how our gang of incompetents functions.

So how are we to make the case that Hilary’s unauthorized disclosure was a big deal when Trey Gowdy just made the same unauthorized disclosure.

Obviously, we can’t. Hillary skates again.

Read the whole thing, and remember that in the 21st Century it’s impossible to be too cynical about the competence, motives, and eventual fate of almost anyone who goes to Washington.