The Queen of Clueless

If you missed this small firestorm over the weekend, then it’s time to play Catchup with Cacklepants!


On Friday afternoon, The Wall Street Journal’s Reid Epstein set off something of firestorm, albeit a brief one, on Twitter when he quoted presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a CNN interview.

The idea that upstate New York is a “vast” bucolic region of rural space and “some towns” didn’t sit well with upstate-based political reporters and elected officials, who (including yours truly) snarked in almost disbelief response that a former U.S. senator from New York could be so tone deaf about the region that yes, does include “vast, rural” areas, but also cities and suburban communities.

In context, Clinton’s comments weren’t that out of touch, although perhaps less informed than you’d expect her to be considering that she once purportedly represented the people of New York in the US Senate.

But if she were a Republican, this small firestorm would have been whipped into a maelstrom already.