Required Reading

Meet Shin Dong-hyuk, who survived 24 years in one of North Korea’s “total control zone” death camps — and is the only known escapee:

He said: “There was a room, a chamber type. It’s like a cell within the prison camp where these tortures take place.

“When I first entered it. I immediately felt that the atmosphere itself was terrifying.

“When I was brought in, without saying a word the proceeded to tie my ankles and wrists together and hung me from above.”

Showing shocking burn marks on his back, he spoke of how he was placed over a charcoal fire until he ‘smelled his skin burning’.

He said: “As the fire started rising up toward my back, I could feel that it was scorching hot and I could even smell my own flesh burning.

“I begged for my life to be spared but it was completely useless. It was just so hot and I kept squirming.”

Shin was born in a North Korean prison in 1982 and made a daring escape in 2005.

His crime was being born in a concentration camp.

Read the whole thing — and give due consideration to a liquid lunch immediately after.