Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

It’s a long way from here to solvency for the ♡bamaCare!!! exchanges:

President Obama will need to more than double the number of Americans enrolled in Obamacare exchange plans to reach 21 million next year, the target set in budget projections, in what is shaping up as the next major test for the health care law.

As of June, the Department of Health and Human Services counted 9.9 million customers who have bought plans through the federal portal and a handful of state-run exchanges.

That puts the administration ahead of it’s own estimates for 2015, but is less than half what the Congressional Budget Office projected for 2016, showing just how much work officials have ahead of them as the next round of enrollment begins in less than two months.

The kicker? ♡bamaCare!!! enrollment has actually dropped slightly in recent weeks.