Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

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Does anybody really care? Apparently so, if an iMore user survey means anything.

While trying to divine Apple Watch sales is still a fool’s game, but according to that survey, the people who do own them actually use them — a lot.


93% of those who took the iMore survey wear the Apple Watch 5 or more days a week. 95% wear their Apple Watch for 8 hours or more a day and 79% wear it for 12 hours or more a day. Next we asked which features are most important to our readers.

98% say notifications are the most important.
84% say timekeeping.
77% say health and fitness.
72% say communications.
44% say Apple Pay and Passbook.
42% say information lookup (calendar, maps, stocks, weather, etc.).
23% say remote control or home automation.

Mine became my go-to device almost immediately, replacing my phone in nearly every instance that I don’t actually need the bigger screen or non-Watch functional apps.

I’m curious to see how that compares to Android Wear and Pebble. Android Wear isn’t yet selling in huge numbers (although that should change before too long), and Pebble has a serious hardcore user set.

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