Hillary to the Slaughter


That tweet from Wednesday gained added apropos after reading Anne Marie Slaughter’s USA Today op-ed arguing in favor of the Iran deal — in which she accidentally reveals too much:

It takes a tough person, and a tough nation, to accept the reality of limited power. It is so much easier to pound our chests and declare that the United States bestrides the world like a colossus and should be able to dictate any outcome it wants. That is no longer true, if it ever were. We found that out the hard way by launching a war in Iraq that we could not win. By prolonging a war in Afghanistan in ways that often made the domestic political situation worse rather than better. By toppling a government in Libya without any idea of what might come next.


Slaughter’s op-ed isn’t likely to move the needle on the deal, to which the American people will remain opposed, and which Bob Corker helped make practically inevitable.


So what’s Slaughter’s real point? This is only conjecture, but her “accidental” reveal is really the buried lede — a lede buried like a shiv between Hillary’s ribs.

If true, then this is yet another clue that the White House has hung Clinton out for the vultures in hopes that Anybody But Clinton is the next Democratic President of the United States.

And that’s especially cold, coming from the woman who Hillary herself appointed to serve as her Director of Policy Planning at the State Department.


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