Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

Dr. Lee Hieb explains the “meltdown” in American medical practice:

“The reason we have a shortage of doctors today and we’re going to get worse in the future began in the early 70s because the great gurus of government looked around and they said probably…look at all this money that’s being sent to all these specialists.” Hieb went on to say that government bureaucrats decided to limit the number of specialists.

However, Lieb notes, that the U.S. is only seeing 350 new general surgeons a year. That is not even a replacement rate, she observed.

Hieb professed that being taxed to death and having to send so much money to the government is a disincentive for doctors to work at full capacity.

“Our young people are not trained as well as we were,” she continued.

“We are now the number one profession for suicide. We lose 400 doctors a year to suicide. That’s like losing an entire medical school,” Hieb stated.


Good lord.


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