New Offensive in Obama's War on the Middle Class

I don’t know what else to call the EPA’s new rules on carbon emissions:

The final rule aims to accomplish a 32 percent reduction in carbon emissions from the nation’s fleet of power plants by 2030, compared with 2005 levels, against 30 percent in the EPA’s original 2014 proposal. Emissions are already down 15 percent from that peak.

The plan will accomplish this by in part by giving states credit for solar or wind projects that break ground in the next few years, before the rule takes effect in 2022. It will also force utilities to run natural gas plants more or encourage customers to use less electricity.

Power generation, specifically the burning of coal to make electricity, is the biggest source of carbon pollution in the U.S., and until now there was no cap on those emissions.

“The way electricity is being produced is being significantly transformed,” said Michael Brune, president of the Sierra Club. “It will amount to a move away from fossil fuels toward clean energy.”

“Clean energy” is another way of saying “expensive energy.” The rich can afford it. The poor will get subsidies. The middle class, or whatever is left of it, will feel the pain.

Today’s news release didn’t include the words “necessarily skyrocket,” but it didn’t need to. We know this Administration’s agenda, and it is endless war in myriad ways on the vast middle of the country.