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Hong Kong residents donned bras and took to the streets to protest the imprisonment of a woman for assaulting a police office with her breast:

Around 100 people gathered for the light-hearted “breast walk” protest outside police headquarters in Wan Chai district, with some holding up bras and others wearing them over their tops.

“We better watch out as one day police might accuse us of attacking with our penis or buttock,” a topless male activist wearing a black bra told the crowd.

Retired teacher James Hon, 66, wearing a pink bra over his white polo shirt, told AFP: “It’s the first time to wear a bra in my entire life.”

“We have come to this rather odd method to tell the world how ridiculous it is,” he said.

The crowd chanted “Breasts are not weapons — give back our breast freedom” and “Shame on police” as a representative handed in a petition letter to a police officer.


Despite treaty guarantees of political freedoms for the residents of Hong Kong, Beijing has imposed strict breast control measures on the people there.


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