Who's Next?

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The Saudis, natch:

Jamal Khashoggi, head of the Saudi Al Arab news channel that is owned by a prince of the ruling Saudi royal family, and who previously was the media aide to Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the US, Prince Turki al Faisal, revealed that Saudi Arabia may be going nuclear very soon.

“I think Saudi Arabia would seriously try to get the (nuclear) bomb if Iran did. It’s just like India and Pakistan. The Pakistanis said for years they didn’t want one, but when India got it, so did they,” Khashoggi told Reuters on Tuesday.

The statement confirms the warnings by experts, who said that the Saudis will likely rush to obtain a nuclear weapon feeling threatened by the Iran nuclear deal, which critics warn will pave the Islamic regime’s path to a nuclear arsenal.


This comes via Jeff Dunetz who adds:

Defense News reported an end of June deal with France. The deal includes a study into the feasibility of building two nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia and a course in nuclear safety.

The study for two European Pressurised Reactors (EPR) — which France considers the safest and most advanced in the world — takes on added significance given the current efforts by Saudi Arabia’s rival, Iran, to develop its own nuclear capabilities.

In addition to the study, France will sign an agreement to train the Saudis on nuclear safety and the treatment of nuclear waste.

Also at the end of June Russia and Saudi Arabia announced an agreement for cooperation in the use of nuclear energy for producing electricity and the construction of two more nuclear reactors. And in March Saudi Arabia and Argentina announced a joint venture with a goal to leverage Argentina’s nuclear experience and capabilities to help the Saudis implement its own nuclear power program.

Perhaps of less immediate interest than Riyadh perusing nukes is where Riyadh is looking to for help — and it ain’t to the US.


We aren’t trusted. We aren’t respected. We aren’t even feared.



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