Taking All the Fun Out of Sex

It's OK; they're both sober. (Still courtesy Universal Pictures)

It’s OK; they’re both sober.
(Still courtesy Universal Pictures)

Reason reports that at Coastal Carolina University, all drunk sex is rape:

That’s right: a simple “yes” is not good enough from the standpoint of CCU administrators. Students who want to hook up must agree to each and every sex act beforehand, they must express consent enthusiastically, and they must be sober.

The university’s definition of consent is at odds with the legal one—as well as any common sense understanding of how sex happens. If complete sobriety were required before every sexual encounter, than any person who was even slightly drunk could be branded a rapist. In fact, it’s incapacitation that renders consent invalid, not mere intoxication.

This reality—and much else—is lost on CCU.


A threesome is now defined as him, her, and their notary.

Slightly more seriously, I’m old enough to remember when drinking and sex were the primary reasons for attending college — now they’re just another whip for progressives to make life miserable for others. And for gaining political power over undesirable classes, such as men.


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