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The Day Israel Died” is a frightening bit of pre-history from Kurt Schlichter:

On a warm September day in 2015, the United States Senate failed to override Obama’s veto of the measure rejecting his Iranian nuclear agreement. Every one of the 54 Republicans voted against the agreement, which would deliver to the mullahs $150 billion, lift the conventional weapons embargo, and validate Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for vague promises not to go nuclear for 10 years. Twelve Democrats, coincidentally the Democrats holding the 12 toughest seats, were allowed to vote against the bill. Because Congress had surrendered its treaty power, 67 votes were required to stop the agreement instead of the 67 required to enact a treaty under the increasingly irrelevant Constitution.

The promised money flowed into Iran and, as predicted, the money flowed out again to America’s enemies – Hezbollah, the Syrian regime, the Houthis, and even the Taliban. Their services included a massive surge in advanced IED attacks on the dwindling U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Dozens of Americans died, hundreds were maimed.

The Iranians, from the beginning, cheated on a massive scale, and Benjamin Netanyahu’s government immediately redoubled its efforts to ensure the Iranians could not cross the line from aspiring to actual nuclear power.


Read the whole, chilling thing. Kurt’s take on President Obama is spot on, and maybe the best part of his piece.

It was adapted from a chapter in his book, Conservative Insurgency, but plays better with a few rewrites. As originally written, the nuclear deal and the eventual attack on Israel took place a couple years in the future, under President Hillary Clinton. But it didn’t read quite right, perhaps because Clinton acted more like Obama than like herself.

Anyway, click to it.


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