OPM Hack Endangers US for Decades

Gizmodo reports:

Members of the intelligence community are stressing that the attack will continue to be a problem until each one of those people whose sensitive personal information was stolen drops dead.

Ex-CIA director Michael Hayden talked to FedScoop about the legacy of the attack:

“I don’t think there is recovery from what was lost,” said former CIA Director Michael Hayden, in a telephone interview with FedScoop. “It remains a treasure trove of information that is available to the Chinese until the people represented by the information age off. There’s no fixing it.”

While some people had their fingerprints and identifying information stolen, other former and current federal employees had their security clearance questionnaires taken, which means the thieves now have access to 121-page dossiers.

These dossiers are heavy shit, detailing identifying information on family members, psychological profiles, and admissions of gambling, drug use, and other sensitive information. If you wanted to blackmail somebody, this is exactly the type of form you’d want to use.


Don’t worry — politicians and bureaucrats would never do anything stupid or harmful just to avoid an embarrassing personal revelation.



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